Thursday, 1 November 2018

October Progress and Goals for November

A lot has happened behind the scenes over the last month since the last dev blog. It's hard to show everything that has been worked on but I'll try to briefly summarise the changes to the game and the plan for the next month!

So over the last month (since the last dev post) I've:
  • Gathered analytics on target market.
  • Created a Business plan.
  • Contacted a game's company for advice
  • Added several fixes and small changes to the game including: Gearscore and enhancements along with several asset and UI changes.
  • Added inventory saving and loading
  • Redesigned the upgrade system in to the path system

Many of these aren't really relevant to talk about here, but the biggest changes by far where the inventory saving and path system.

The inventory saving is working by going through a loop and, depending on if the inventory slot holds an item or equipment, saving each variable of the item in to a designated slot in the PlayerPrefs through Unity. This is the most convenient way for me to sort saving and loading right now and is working quite nicely so far!

The path system is also a big upgrade. I am designing it to be a much more flexible and adjustable version of the upgrade tree system that can have points that are able to be reallocated depending on the dungeon or build the player wants to try.
At the moment I've only got a brief animation to show them. No stats or trees plugged in yet, but there will be!

Moving forward, this month I will be polishing several parts of the game to fill out the features a bit more and work on general fixes. I'm also looking to add a floor system to the dungeon to allow me to start building an actual interactive experience rather than a feature showcase. This is likely going to be a lot of work so I expect it to take up most of the time this month.

I'm looking to have a decent, playable, prototype by January so there's going to be a lot going on!
Dev blog posts may stay more infrequent and be more brief while I crunch to get things done.
The next dev blog will likely be about the floor system and all the changes. Until then!

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